Memorial Park scenic overlook on Sorkins Bluff
This 360 degree panorama was shot at Memorial Park on Sorkins Bluff overlooking Red Wing, Minnesota, the Mississippi River, and across to Wisconsin.

On Father’s Day weekend 2012 I went back to my panorama roots with my wife and grandkids, and rented a convertible to cruise the bluff country along the Mississippi River in southern Minnesota and Wisconsin, shooting panoramas at some of the same locations I shot 13 years ago when I first started doing interactive panoramas.

In 1999 my $1,000 digital camera took 18 shots to make a 360 degree panorama. I could fit exactly 36 shots in the camera, so if I didn’t make any mistakes I could shoot 2 panoramas before I had to do a 30 minute camera download! Because it took such an investment in time I learned to be very picky with my shots, and wanted only the most scenic locations. So I used to do "panorama weekends" where I’d rent a convertible and cruise around looking for special panoramas - like this one.

This was my submission for the "Heritage" World Wide Panorama event for Summer Solstice 2012.