Aerial panorama of repair work on the Industrial Canal levee in New Orleans after Katrina.
360 degree aerial photograph of the Inner Harbor Navigation Canal (aka Industrial Canal) from a helicopter 400 feet over the Galvez St. Wharf. This is between the Florida Ave. bridge and the N. Claiborne bridge where the levee to the east was breeched during Hurricane Katrina, flooding the Ninth Ward in Arabi and eastward on to Chalmette in St. Bernard Parish. The flooding shown here is from Hurricane Rita, which hit three days before this photo was taken. To the south is the Mississippi River, and upriver you can see the New Orleans skyline and the Greater New Orleans Bridge. Note Barge ING 4727, which, depending on which theory you subscribe to, was either washed over the levee, or struck the levee and actually caused the breach.