360 degree aerial panorama of downtown New Orleans after Katrina.
Aerial panorama of downtown New Orleans and the Superdome from a helicopter 400 ft. above the Pontchartrain Expressway at Baronne St. This was shot almost a month after Hurricane Katrina and three days after Hurricane Rita, which accounts for the eerie look of the almost empty streets and highways. The Greater New Orleans Mississippi River Bridge is normally the fifth busiest toll bridge in the U.S.

(My tale of an earlier disaster - the May 3, 1978 flood: I lived on the west bank and by the time I woke up my car was half submerged. I walked from Gretna to Algiers to check on friends, wading through chest deep water at times, and occasionally even swimming down the street. At General De Gaulle Dr. I caught a ride on a semi, standing outside on the steps to the driver’s door. Eventually I had to walk again when the truck stalled and couldn’t be restarted with the batteries under water.)