Ed Fink over Pass Christian, MS after Hurricane Katrina


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I'm Ed Fink, and these are my 360 degree panoramas. I was the first VR photographer in the world to do fullscreen 360 degree panoramas from a helicopter. Today I'm a FAA licensed drone pilot and shoot most of my aerials with a quadcopter.

I'm also a Google Street View Trusted Photographer in Minneapolis shooting Street View tours inside  local businesses.

I publish thousands of 360 degree panoramas and virtual tours to Google Maps, where I currently have over 60 MILLION VIEWS.

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Take a look below at some of my Google tours, or go to my Google Street View page for more information and many samples.

Cathedral of St. Paul

Dakota Jazz Club

Earle Brown Heritage Center

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Web Designers

I want to partner with you to offer Google Street View virtual tours to your clients! Google hosts the tour in Google Maps, but you're needed to also embed the tour in your client's web pages, blog, or Facebook.

Email or call 651-483-1557

Nodal Ninja
"turning heads and expanding horizons"


Panorama Category: Holidazzle Parade

These are my 360 degree panoramas of the Minneapolis Holidazzle Parade. It would be a LOT easier to make these if the parade would stop occasionally - and especially if they'd leave the stupid street lights on!!


Holidazzle 2012 360 degree panorama during the 2012 Holidazzle Parade at Nicollet Ave. and 9th St. in downtown Minneapolis. It is difficult getting a good picture during the parade. They turn all the street lights off, so it’s really dark and hard to get a good crowd shot, plus the floats never stop. I’m starting to think the only way I can get a good shot of a float is to put a doll in a stroller, roll it out in the middle of the street, and scream "My baby! MY BABY!!"

Equipment: Nikon D700, Nikkor 10.5mm (shaved), Nodal Ninja Ultimate R1

Categories: Holidazzle Parade, Minneapolis, World Wide Panorama


Minneapolis Holidazzle Parade 2010 360 degree panorama during the 2010 Holidazzle Parade at Nicollet Ave. and 8th St. in downtown Minneapolis. The crowd is usually as interesting as the floats, so I really wish they’d keave the street lights on for at least one parade. Better yet, for just one night leave all the downtown building lights on too, get a sponsor like Nikon and call it the "Nikon Light Up The Night Holidazzle Parade." I bet it would be the most popular night for Holidazzle!

Equipment: Nikon D700, Nikkor 10.5mm (shaved), Nodal Ninja 3

Categories: Holidazzle Parade, Minneapolis


Holidazzle Parade at Nicollet and 7th 360 degree panorama during the Holidazzle Parade at Nicollet and 7th in downtown Minneapolis, with Mary Tyler Moore looking on.

Equipment: NikonD70, Sigma 8mm, Kaidan QuickPan III

Categories: Holidazzle Parade, Minneapolis


Busload of fairy tale characters after Holidazzle. 360 degree panorama inside an MTC bus filled with an odd assortment of fairy tale characters from the Holidazzle Parade.

Equipment: NikonD70, Sigma 8mm, Kaidan QuickPan III

Categories: Different, Holidazzle Parade, Vehicles


Costume change after the Holidazzle Parade. 360 degree panorama of fairy tale characters changing and turning in their costumes at the Hyatt after the Holidazzle Parade in downtown Minneapolis.

Equipment: NikonD70, Sigma 8mm, Kaidan QuickPan III

Categories: Holidazzle Parade













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The St. Paul Pioneer Press did a feature story about me.

Newspaper article about Google Street View virtual tours, with a photo from my Basilica tour.

2005 front page feature story about my early aerial panoramas.


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Rolling Stones at the Superdome

Now I only shoot interactive 360 degree panoramas, but long ago I photographed rock concerts (and almost anything else!) for fun and profit. Here's a few of my concert photos and a story about shooting a 1981 Rolling Stones concert.